“The Interpretation of Creation is Limitless” – BC

Unexpected, Authentic, Self-aware
and Intuitive.

This artist possesses an infectious energy.

She seems to be in constant motion.
The energy is a focused, creative force,
which is driven by her need to get things done.

A woman, a mother and an artist
she reflects an American spirit
while respecting the contributions
of her European roots.

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I’m thinking…

2015.5.4 ~
Profusely Mastering my craft

I am Painting,
Staying Healthy &

2002 ~
With acceptance of the differences of Black & White, Color has taken away the purity of the definition of what is. I use color to define and emphasize the separation of how diverse diversity is. . Color differentiates one area that leads to the next.. and on and on.. . One is just more saturated.